Lavender Hill High School is located in one of the most economically and culturally deprived areas of the Western Cape .It was founded in 19….. The first school principal was Mr Langenhoven. The number of learners have grown from … at its inception to 1100 currently. The school currently has 34 educators, 2 admin- and 3 estate staff members employed by the WCED. In addition to this, the school employs a further 11 part-time employees to assist with various tasks/duties: security, cleaning and maintenance, feeding scheme and extra-mural activities.

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Conquering through education, we inspire hope and build excellence.


Our recent achievements have included the following:

  • number of matric passes increased from ……in 19… to 179 …in 2015
  • a sharp decline in learner dropouts (almost 20%)
  • increased  enrolment of learners (from 848 in the late 1990’s to 1112 at present;  we now have a waiting list of almost 100)
  • the daily feeding scheme for 250 indigent learners
  • a vibrant extra-mural programme consisting  of  singing,  dancing,  sport  (almost 200 learners participate in these activities daily)
  • the Youth Empowerment through School (Y.E.S) project which has  as its aim social mindset change
  • Social care tracking system carried out by social workers and help from …. 
  • a major improvement in infrastructure (computer labs, two playing-fields with an automated irrigation system, library, gym, brand new bullet-deflective fence) .
  • the  T-shirt campaign with its positive messaging.
  • the establishment of the “House” system with its intention of promoting a sense of school pride and belonging, the inculcation of leadership skills and healthy competition .
  • A “Proudly Lavender Hill High” merit system  to instil learner pride and cultivate a positive school culture under the banner of “Inspire Hope and Excellence”.

Infra structure

With  the support of the WCED as well as outside sponsors the school  has managed to improve its infrastructure significantly under the current principal, Mr F. Manie. These would include the following:

  • Library
  • Kitchen to feed almost 250 learners breakfast everyday.
  • 3 Computer Laboratories
  • Gymnasium
  • 2 Sportfields
  • School Hall
  • DCAS
  • RCL
  • Annual leadership camp for Grade 11 learners

The  Prefect system comprises a Headboy and Head girl  and a total of 10 grade 12 Learners. They help the school maintain learner discipline.

The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) plays an effective role in arranging learner activity- a media committee oversees  the school website and planning quarterly newsletters. .

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Phone: 081 583 0027 or
081 232 1692
Address: 91 Grindal Ave, Lavender Hill, 7945, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa