Admission Policy


This policy aims to communicate procedures for the admission of learners to LAVENDER HILL HIGH SCHOOL.

Purpose of this policy

The procedures as stipulated in this policy will facilitate the admission of learners in a timely, efficient and lawful manner to enable teaching and learning to communicate on the first day of the school year.

Values that this policy wants to promote

In terms of the Constitution, every person in South Africa, citizens and non-citizens alike, has the right to a basic education.


This document will use the following definitions:

  • Parent / Legal Guardian – Any adult who is legally entitled to custody of a learner.
  • Learner – Any person registered to receive an education at the school.


RESIDENTIAL QUALIFICATION NEPA, Section 34 (d) (i-iii) OF THE Admission Policy for Ordinary public Schools

  1.  Learners residing with their parent(s)/ guardians and whose closest High School is LAVENDER HILL HIGH SCHOOL will qualify for admission on the the grounds of place of residence. Appropriate proof of residence will be required e.g electricity, water and rates statement.
  2. Learners who reside outside of the area but whose parents work within a reasonable distance (e.g 5km) of the school will qualify for admission.
  3. Learners and their parents who reside or work out of the area will be accepted on a first- come-first-served basis (if there are any space left in the school.)
  4. Children of employees of the school will qualify for admission to the school if there are any space left in the school.
  5. Additional consideration will be given to learners who already have a brother or sister in the school.

Maximum age requirements

Section 3 of SASA, Age requirements for Admission to an ordinary Public School

  1. A learner should be within two years of the average of the grade, e.g. The average age for a grade 8 leanrer is 14 years old, therefore the maximum age for a grade 8 leaner will be 16 years old.
  2. The age-grade norm will not apply to learners already enrolled at LAVENDER HILL HIGH SCHOOL.

Documents required for admission\NEPA

the Admission policy for ordinary Schools, Sections 14 – 18

  1.  A parent/legal guardian must complete all relevant forms for admission. Assistance will be given to complete the forms.
  2. When the parent applies for admission at entrance level (first time at LAVENDER HILL HIGH SCHOOL) he/she must present an official birth certificate of the learner to the admission clerk. If the parent is unable to submit the birth certificate, the learner may be admitted conditionally until a copy of the birth certificate or proof of registration is obtained. The parent must sign an agreement stating that the parent will ensure that the admission of the learner will be finalised within three months of conditional admission. If nothing is forthcoming after the three months, the parent will be contacted for reconsideration of the status of the learner.
  3. If the learner comes from another school a transfer card, the most recent report card as well as a portfolio of all completed CASS activities of the learner must be submitted. A certificate of authenticity must accompany the portfolio.
  4. Documentation showing signs of erasure of which have been altered in any way will not be accepted.
  5. When discovered that the previous school gave us misleading or misinformation it will be requested of the parents to find the child another school.
  6. Parents and learners entering our school from other schools except our feeder schools will be subjected to an interview with the principal.

Admission of non-citizens of the R.S.A

Section 27 (g) of the Refugee Act 1998, Section 21 of the Admission Policy for ordinary public Schools

  1. Learners whose parents are in possession of a permit for temporary or permanent residence issued by the Department of Home Affairs will be admitted.
  2. Learners who entered the country on a study permit must present the study permit on admission.
  3. Persons classified as illegal aliens must, when they apply for admission for their children, show evidence that they have applied to the Department of Home Affairs to legalise their stay in the country.
  4. Admission of non-South African citizens to LAVENDER HILL HIGH SCHOOL will take place in conjunction with the LANGUAGE POLICY of the school.

Date Application

Applications for admission to the school must be submitted by end of ocotober of the current year for the first time learners.

Regular review

This policy will be reviewed regularly and adapted to changed circumstances.

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