Language Policy


The school was established in September 1978 after the removal of communities due to the Apartheid Group Areas Act in 1968. The communities of Simonstown, Red Hill, Dido Valley and Glencairn were traditionally English / Afrikaans speaking. The farming communities of Noordhoek, Sunnydale and Dassenberg spoke predominantly Afrikaans. After the creation of Masiophumelele in 1980 isiXhosa was introduced into our school.

1. The Language of Learning and Teaching:

The TWO official languages shall be Afrikaans and English.

2. Classification:

The school is classified as “Parallel Medium”.

“Parallel Medium” would be defined as dedicated classes according to the Language of Learning and Teaching from grades 8 to grade 12. Example: The learners’ mother-tongue is English such a learner will be placed in an English medium class. All learning areas will therefore be taught in the English medium.

3. Mother –Tongue

The school recognizes the importance of mother-tongue instruction and states the following:

  • All learners should learn their home language and at least one additional official language.
  • Learners become competent in their additional language, while their home language is maintained and developed.
4. Languages

The languages offered at school shall be:

  • English as a Home Language
  • English as a First Additional language
  • Afrikaans as a Home Lamguage
  • Afrikaans as a First Additional language
  • IsiXhosa as a First Additional language
5. The Language of Assessment

The language of assessment shall be English and / or Afrikaans or isiXhosa.

6. Time Allocation

Time Allocation for the different levels will be as follows:

  • Weekly time allocation for GET for TWO language groups – 7h 30 min
  • Weekly contact time in the FET for the TWO language groups – 8h 30 min
  • One 45 min reading period to be included for all grades 8 and 9 learners
7. Review Process

The above-mentioned policy is subject to an annual review process as follows:

  • The Literacy committee of the school
  • The RCL
  • The School Governing Body
  • This process should take place before the finalization of new registrations for the following year.

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