Business Economics

The subject deals with the effective use of different types of private, public or collective resources to satisfy people`s needs. It reflects critically on the impact resource exploitation on the environment and on people. It also deals with effective management of scarce resources in order to maximise profits.

EMS (Economic Management Sciences) is a practical subject that equips learners with real-life skills for personal development and the development of the community. The tasks set should contribute to personal development and should promote the idea of sustainable economic growth and the development of the community.

Main Topics:

  • The economy
  • Financial literacy
  • Entrepreneurship

EMS entails the following:

  • The needs and wants of different communities in society
  • The nature, processes and production of goods and services
  • Financial management, accounting as a tool for management
  • The flow of money, goods and services
  • The way in which to achieve sustainable growth, reduce poverty and distribute wealth
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Basic aspects of leadership and management
  • The role of savings
  • The role trade unions
  • The importance of using resources sustainably
  •  Functioning of both the formal and informal sector

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