Our school is currently more than 36 years old and throughout its history these subjects are extremely popular for various reasons one being, the fact that it is so hands- on, practical and relevant especially to life.

I would not do justice to this subject without paying homage to the extremely capable cadres of educators that taught these subjects.  We reflect on the contributions made by Messrs. Barnard, Louise, Goodman, Ludick, Wayne Jeftha, Carelse  et al and Mss. Adams, Mariam Williams et al.

Throughout these years these subject strove to develop and steer the conscious of our learners, and ultimately community, with reference to the importance to issues like;

  1. Global warming (coincidently as far back as 25 years ago we had presentations to  highlight this issue). Currently many of these issues are very prominent in our environment.
  2. Climate change; the abnormal temperature we are experiencing and the extremely low rainfall in our country
  • Human physiology and the various ailments threatening human health. Impact of smoking, drug abuse, obesity. And the importance of
  1. physiological processes in nature like respiration, photosynthesis
  2. Human development and history; Seeing   Africa as the Cradle of Mankind and how humans  migrated throughout the world
  3. Nucleic Acids; the role it plays in human heredity and in forensic science

The issues addressed in these subjects are not exhaustive but it gives a glimpse of the area the subjects cover and also alludes to the importance of the subject in the world we inhabits.

It was with extreme sadness that we had to cut back on a subject like physical science and not because the learners are unable do it but because of personnel constraints. As a school we had extremely capable educators like Mr. Jeftha and Ludick and they left teaching for greener pastures.

The Science department throughout its history also drew academically strong learners. This is also the learners that today play a pivotal role in numerous sphere of public life. Many of them are in education, in health (nurses, dieticians, dentistry, lecturers) in law (attorneys, prosecutors, police), business and NGO’s

With the introduction of other newer subjects like Computer Application Technology and Tourism many learners found new interest but these subjects still remain a pivotal pillar in the secondary education of all learners. The subject is a general basis for many key careers in the future since it is so relevant and adaptable to any career.

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