Becoming Future Fit

Today saw the launch of an ambitious school based project aimed at empowering learners, and the community, to actively make positive changes in their lives. CalledFUTURE CREW the initiative is a collaboration between Virgin Active SA and the Department of Sport.

With a pilot project in place at the Lavender Hill Senior Secondary School, FUTURE CREW aims at promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the establishment of school gyms while developing life skills and discipline through mentorship and coaching. By engaging learners in sport and sharing knowledge, FUTURE CREW will also help create employment opportunities by identifying, harnessing and tapping into raw talent

This model is set to be rolled out to an additional five schools over the next two years. The schools that have been identified, all in disadvantaged areas where gangsterism and drug abuse is rife and alternative lifestyle choices are most needed, include Kwamfundo High in Khayelitsha, Leiden High 1 in Delft, Hout Bay High, Fairmount High in Grassy Park and the Sports’ School in Kuils River.
A demonstration of how being active can lift the spirits and be a catalyst for change, was proven when a group of 50 Lavender Hill learners participated in a group training and exercise session. “Having identified the need for some kind of extra mural sport coaching at schools, including basic stretching, fitness and nutrition, we grew the concept into focusing beyond the physical to incorporate life skills,” explains Theresa Kearley, National Transformation Manager for Virgin Active.

“The gym is a wonderful facility and the learners are clambering to use it,” says Faseeg Manie, principal of Lavender Hill Senior Secondary School. “We have had to introduce a roster system and also utilise the gym during the PT session of our Life Orientation lessons. Every time I think of the gym and the impact it is having on our learners it puts a smile on my face. This project is definitely an instrument of change and transformation and we can already see, and feel, the difference it is making.”

As an additional message of inspiration and creating change through art, two large murals were unveiled at the launch. Well known community artist, Mak1one was the visionary and facilitator behind the creation of the FUTURE CREW brand. He, along with a team of young people, created the brand identity and participated in creative workshops to design the mural. Professional artists, Sergio Rinquist and Claire Homewood, helped make the murals come to life. The murals took four days to complete and have pride of place on the School’s second block wall and on the main wall inside the gym.

“FUTURE CREW is about the future. It’s about actively helping learners make positive changes in their lives,” says Ross Faragher-Thomas, MD of Virgin Active SA. “We believe that with the right attitude you can rise above your circumstances and become a success. It is about learning to turn obstacles into opportunities and how to respond to challenges. We’re looking forward to working with the various schools, learners and communities to assist them in fulfilling their dreams for a better future.”

“The future depends on what you do today.”- Gandhi

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