Promoting fitness in Lavender Hill

Via SA Good News.

When Faseeg Manie, the principal of Lavender Hill Senior School in the heart of gangland, walks into the school hall –you can hear a pin drop. He commands a respect which could only have been earned the hard way in an environment where the ubiquitous fear, violence, drugs, gang lords and crime have made it the cradle of despondency.

Manie made a decision to transform the school after a visit by Mark Shuttleworth shortly after he returned from his first space trip. Shuttleworth, on a roadshow to schools, spoke of goals and dreams and visions. Manie’s moment of epiphany came when the learners were asked to verbalise their dreams. He says, “it filled my heart with great sadness when a grade nine learner stood up and said, ‘Sir my dream is to own a gun…’” Manie says it showed the mindset and the milieu these young people were growing up in and he decided right then that, “as manager of this school, I am going to be the instrument of change and transform the school and make a difference in the community.”

He is a man of his word and he has taken giant leaps in improving the school and the opportunities for learners at Lavender Hill Senior.

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