LHHS Support team

LAVENDER HILL HIGH SCHOOL opened its doors for the first time in January 1978 . From the start the learners always had the support from the Management and Staff . In those early days support was done in the form of guidance counselling by the Guidance Teacher . Today we have many support structures in place to support our Management ; Staff ; learners ; parents and the community as a whole . These structures are :

The School Management Team ; Western Cape Education Department ; various N. G. O. ‘s / Support Groups eg. NICRO , FAMSA , Social Services , NEW WORLD FOUNDATION , CAFDA , Pastorial Care , Parent Counsellors and Field Workers ; Religious Institutions eg. Churches and Mosques and S. A. Police. We all work together under the umbrella of The School Based Support Team and the District Based Support Team to find a solution to the many challenges we face.

The school is situated in a very complex and diverse community . Our learners experience a tremendous amount of negative influences on their academic an socio – economic wellbeing. We however leave no stone unturned to offer support to each and every barrier and situation our learners may find themselves in . The task is enormous , but we deem this school an oasis in this desert of gangsterism and vast array of social ills .

Our Support Team goes beyond a thousand extra miles for our learners who deserve every bit of help . Support thus far includes amongst others :

  • Matric Concessions for matriculants who need extra time or a laptop for learners who experience handwriting problems ;
  • Socio – economic support : Feeding Scheme which offers breakfast and lunch
  • every day, stationary ;
  • Counselling : drug – ; bereavement – ; attitude and discipline – ; teenage problemsetc.
  • Workshops : leadership skills ; Peace Committee
  • Extra Mural : DCASS : sport , dance , music
  • Academic : afternoon classes , internet access , library , Tutoring classes , Telematics to name but a few .

We are extremely proud of our school and our learners in particular and will give them every opportunity to excel and become well equipped and holistically developed members of society .

As mentioned before , our task is enormous and very challenging and we will welcome any support from individuals , groups or institutions and business corporates .

Yours in Education

Janet Felix

School Based Support Team Co-ordinator

Contact us

Phone: 081 583 0027 or
081 232 1692
Address: 91 Grindal Ave, Lavender Hill, 7945, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa