YES Project

 THE Y.E.S. PROJECT (Youth Empowerment through School)

Empowering young people at Lavender Hill Secondary to make responsible life choices.

The Y.E.S. project – empowering teenagers at Lavender Hill High School, Cape Flats, Cape Town to say NO to gangland challenges

At Lavender Hill High School we believe that each child is ENTITLED to a chance in life. If their environment is jeopardising those chances then lets provide chances in a positive, nurturing school environment.

The core element of Y.E.S is to provide an exciting programme of extra-curricular sporting, cultural and craft/skills development activities. Through several strong partnerships, the school has recently acquired two sports fields, a new library and 2 computer labs.

For the Y.E.S programme to have meaningful impact in young people’s lives far into the future, we must maintain and continue development.

So – at this “giving-time” of December 2010 –our focus is to create a strong sustainability fund. For this we have launched the YES LEASE

Please support an innovative way of “giving kids a new lease on life” by notionally or “pretend” leasing of a small block of playing fields as a once-off Christmas gift or a gift spread over a year for as little as R100 per month. (Read more on Projects page)

The YES project addresses SOCIAL and MINDSET CHANGE in Lavender Hill by ‘raising horizons’ for teenagers at Lavender Hill Secondary School. The mission of the YES school project is to turn Lavender Hill Secondary School into a safe, nurturing, positive and enabling haven for vulnerable youth caught in social ‘crossfire’. An alarming fact is that 43% of secondary school learners in this area drop out between grades 8 and 12. The aim of the YES project is to halt this slide. This is being accomplished by:

  • Providing a positive attractive school environment
  • Providing an alternative to social threats (afternoon classes, cultural options, skills, homework classes)
  • Introducing leadership development, peer education, community outreach options
  • Help improve the quality of education outcomes
  • Create traditions, sense of belonging and restore dignity
  • Create a safe environment at school in the afternoons in a suburb of social challenges
  • Help young people make better life choices, filter these values into the community, bring about community social and mindset change.
  • This project is guided by the Lavender Hill Trust administered by Wynberg Rotary Club.

Contact us

Phone: 081 583 0027 or
081 232 1692
Address: 91 Grindal Ave, Lavender Hill, 7945, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa